Sunday 31 July 2011

Down by the River and On the Beach (June & July 2011)

Sightings in the Shoreham area in June and July included Manx Shearwater 1E off Widewater on 25 June and Balearic Shearwater 1W there on 17 July.  The Southwick Power Station Peregrines fledged 3 young with all 3 being seen on the chimney from 24 June-5 July, but only one since 7 July.  A single Ringed Plover was only seen very sporadically on Southwick Beach and disappointingly are assumed not to have bred.  A Whimbrel was seen on the River Adur by the airport on 16 & 31 July and a Common Sandpiper there on 19 June.  Mediterranean Gulls were seen on the Adur on 4 & 18 June and off Widewater on 17 July.  Two Sussex colour ringed Herring Gulls (A5JZ & A6DY) were digiscoped on 18 June and a North Thames Lesser Black-back (JH3T) on 2 July.  Yellow-legged Gulls on the Adur continue hteir decline of recent years with just two recorded, a 3CY on 18 June and a juvenile on 30 July.  A Kingfisher was in a chanel by Ricardo's on 31 July.  An immature male Black Redstart was singing at Shed 7 near Carot's Cafe on 15-16 & 28-29 June & 5 July and from Parker-Steel (the other side of the Power Station) on 15 & 27 July - one of the joys of cycling to work.  An early returning Wheatear on Southwick Beach on 25 July was another.  Finally c10 probable Crossbills flew NE over Crown Road on 12 July.

Little Egret 31 July 2011

Whimbrel and Oystercatcher 31 July 2011

Lesser Black-backed Gull JH3T 2 July 2011
Herring Gull A6DY 18 June 2011


Yellow-legged Gull and Herring Gull A5JZ 18 June 2011

Yellow-legged and Herring Gulls 18 June 2010

Yellow-legged and Herring Gulls 31 July 2011

Lesser Black-backed, Yellow-legged and Herring Gull 31 July 2011