Wednesday 21 September 2011

Newhaven Sabine's Gull (20 September 2011)

Tuesday 20 September.  I drove to work giving me the option to try for the Newhaven Sabine's Gull either during the day or on the way home.  Not something I'd considered yesterday as it was Ruth's last evening before returning to New Zealand.  Lack of news and being busy meant I wasn't able to get away until just before 4pm and I arrived on site somewhat apprehensively after having missed it by half an hour on Saturday and the Brighton Marina bird by the same margin the previous Thursday.  I was understandably delighted to find it was still there and I watched it for 2 hours flying up and down over the surf and twice sitting/standing on the beach for significant periods.  It was hard to leave but increasing coldness and deteriorating light took their toll.  The light was poor even when I arrived but I took nearly 400 photos, the best few follow.  Also seen were a Kittiwake, 2 juvenile Arctic Terns and 2 Rock Pipits.

juvenile Sabine's Gull at Newhaven, a contender for my Bird of the Year in Sussex

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