Sunday, 5 February 2012

Telscombe & Newhaven (05 February 2012)

Sunday 5 February.  Frank Lambert and I had a morning along the coast starting at Telscombe where the Water Pipit and at least a dozen Rock Pipits, some almost certainly littoralis, gave reasonable views, although the light was poor for photography and the Black Redstart wasn't in evidence.  We went on to Newhaven Harbour hoping to see the Iceland Gull but it wasn't immediately obvious.  A Great Skua flew east at sme distance while about 30 Brent Geese flew west over the arm.  A hundred or so gulls were roosting half way along the west arm and included a first winter (2CY) Caspian Gull altough it was rather distant and the light still poor for photography.  It was seen briefly in flight showing a very pale whitish underwing, white rump and solid black tail bar.  After almost an hour it disappeared although by that time the second winter (3CY) Iceland Gull had joined the roost.  I then had to return for a family engagement but it had been an excellent mornings birding.

Ferry reversing out of Newhaven Harbour with a snowy Seaford Head in the background
Rock Pipit, probably petrosus, at Telscombe

Rock Pipit, petrosus or littoralis, at Telscombe
Rock Pipit, presumably littoralis, at Telscombe
Water Pipit at Telscombe

gulls on the west arm of Newhaven Harbour

first winter Caspian Gull at Newhaven Harbour

showing hind-neck streaking

Caspian and Herring Gulls at Newhaven Harbour, the second from the right ppearing to be a good contender for an adult argentatus HG

Iceland Gull at Newhaven Harbour

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