Sunday, 27 October 2013

Shoreham gulls (27 October 2013)

Strong winds and another afternoon commitment meant that I stayed local.  Only a Rock Pipit was seen at Shoreham Fort, only a Razorbill flew west off Widewater in half an hour (not even a Gannet) with 20 Teal and a Brent Goose keeping the swan family company on the lagoon. 500+ Herring Gulls on the Adur included at least 4 colour-ringed birds although they took a lot of reading with CR birds unhelpfully sitting down, wading into deeper water or walking out of sight. Also 4 adult Mediterranean Gulls, a good count for the Adur but only one Lesser Black-back.

An afternoon visit with my mum to see my dad almost ended in disaster when she opened the car door before I could get round to do it for her.  A very strong gust caught the door which she was still holding and violently ejected her onto the pavement head first.  Fortunately she was only shaken but the car bodywork and door was dented, one of the hinges sheared, and now only opens about eighteen inches.
Mediterranean Gull on the Adur
always very nice to see on one's local patch
especially when more than one is present
I've been on the lookout for yellow colour-ringed gulls from Poland, hoping for a Caspian, but unfortunately not all yellow CRs are from there.  This Herring Gull, 5R0B, was probably ringed near the Wash
North Thames Herring Gull UV1T
North Thames Herring Gull PY1T
North Thames Herring Gull ZH7T

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