Monday, 18 August 2014

Thailand 1980 and Colombia 2014

Thailand 1980.  Thanks to Shashank Dalvi for forwarding me the following photo from Frank Lambert's facebook page.  Colin Winyard had mentioned it last year but although I've seen Frank twice since then I'd forgotten to ask him for a copy and trying to set up a facebook account to get it seemed a bit excessive.
Richard Grimmett, Dick Filby, Frank Lambert, me and Colin Winyard (Southern Thailand January 1980, from Frank's facebook page).  
    My rather sketchy blog enties for the trip are at

Colombia 2014.  Just back from 4 weeks in Andes, Amazon, Pacific coast and Santa Marta.  130 new birds but rather disappointingly included few of my main targets.  Nice country though.  Blogs will follow in the coming days/weeks.
Bicoloured Antpitta at Rio Blanco on our first morning.  One of 4 species being fed worms there.  It and two of the others were my first three new birds in Colombia.  Unfortunately the trip went rapidly downhill after that. 

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