Saturday, 21 March 2015

Seaford and Cuckmere (21 March 2015)

Saturday 21 March.  I met John King at Splash Point, Seaford where a very quiet seawatch (it was clear and northerly) produced a Slavonian Grebe on the sea and a Red-throated Diver, 16 Brent Geese, 3 Common Scoter and a Mediterranean Gull passing east.  A Rock Pipit and an alba Wagtail were on the breakwater and two colour-ringed gulls nearby.  We drove to the barn and walked a short circuit to the edge of the golf course and back up Hope Gap seeing only Meadow Pipits.  The Charleston Reedbed area was better although the wind had picked up and the more interesting birds were not overly co-operative.  The pair of Garganey were distant and often out of sight in vegetation, a Ruff only appeared out of a ditch once and the Great Grey Shrike although close was only seen briefly before dropping behind the riverbank.  A very low tide tempted me to try the Adur at dusk for more colour-ringed gulls but none were evident amongst the estimated 800 Common, 500 Black-headed and 300 Herrings gathered there.
local Herring Gull A7UZ at Splash Point, Seaford.  The second gull I looked at.
North Thames J1MT at Splash Point, Seaford.  The third gull I looked at.  The next hundred or so were unexceptional.
White Wagtail on the breakwater at Splash Point, Seaford (DC encouraged me to be bold!)
Brent Geese passing Seaford the easy way
Egyptian Goose with four of its five small goslings

drake Garganey north of Charleston Reedbed
the female was less obliging
Great Grey Shrike opposite Charleston Reedbed
it quickly dropped out of sight below the riverbank and did not reappear in the time we were there - presumably having found somewhere more sheltered.
gulls roosting on the Adur at low tide
Mediterranean Gull on the Adur.  Low tide was at dusk and the light was poor.

Friday 20 March.  A Peregrine on Southwick Power Station on my way to work.

Thursday 19 March.  A Peregrine on Southwick Power Station on my way to work.  A low tide is always welcome on the way home with hundreds of gulls gathering before roosting on the sea.  I estimated 700 Common, 500 Herring and 300 Black-headed but could pick nothing out amongst them with my 8x20s.

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