Tuesday, 23 June 2015

don't forget to check the phone or pager (23 June Bee-eaters)

Usually when I get in from work I put my phone and pager on the side and settle down to do whatever.  Monday was no exception and it wasn't until I was going to bed after 23:00 that I thought to check them.  Thee and earlier 10 Bee-eaters near Glynde on the pager and a missed call and text from Jake (thanks for trying, much appreciated).  Oh no, what an idiot, why have a pager if you are not going to look at it!!  I didn't sleep well, woke at 03:00 was still awake at 04:00 so got up and went. I arrived at Little Dene at 04:50 not exactly sure where to go but was returning from my first wander around when I noticed four sitting on wires at 05:00.  From then until about 06:15 at least eight were roosting in a large tree, at times quite vocal, making occasional sallies and catching bees with an apparent ease.  A little later they started flying west across the open field to settle on wires and we counted nine and then on two occasions ten.  At 06:34 they all flew up, first nine then the tenth, gaining hight and disappearing very high against the sun to the northeast.  A fantastic experience for the ten birders who witnessed it, our sympathies lie with Alan Kitson who arrived 10 minutes too late.

Nine (of the ten) Bee-eaters and a rather bewildered Mistle Thrush

stunning birds

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