Saturday, 27 May 2017

Seaford seawatch (27 May)

Saturday 27 May. Back from Mongolia which has no sea at all a SE wind tempted me over to Seaford for what will probably be my last spring seawatch of the year. JK, Matt and Bob were in situ when I arrived at 06:00. JK and I stayed to 10:30, the others having left by then although Matt made a brief return visit to bring us the news that Seaford Head was very quiet. Between 06:00-10:30 I recorded the following flying East: 86 Gannets, a Shag, 423 Common Scoter, 3 Oystercatchers, 2 Sanderling, single Whimbrel and Turnstone, single Great and Arctic Skuas, 2 adult Mediterranean Gulls, 37 Sandwich and 2 Common Terns, a Razorbill, 4 Guillemots and 6 unidentified auks. I thought it a reasonable return for a late seawatch and certainly enough to keep our interest while hoping something better might fly past. Later Megan and I took Cookie around the Adur Houseboats seeing 2 Little Egrets.

Friday 26 May. A brief look produced 6 Swifts over the house at dusk.

Thursday 25 May. A brief look produced 8 Swifts over the house at dusk.

Wednesday 24 May. Megan and I took Cookie to the Adur. Work continues along the east side which remains closed making it necessary to walk into the town to do a circuit. We walked across the old Toll Bridge and along by the airport and back to avoid doing so. I saw a Little Egret, 2 Shelduck, 2 Oystercatchers, 2 Reed Warblers, a Whitethroat and a few ordinary gulls. 

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