Saturday, 17 November 2012

Amberley Crane and the Adur CR Gulls (17 November 2013)

17 November.  Another wait for the weekend to get a chance to look for a decent bird in the county, this time the Common Crane, found at Amberley by David Cooper and Brenda Kay the previous Sunday afternoon.  It was showing moderately well on the Wild Brooks out from the Sportsman from soon after dawn and although the light was very poor it didn't detract from the stateliness of the species (but then all cranes are excellent).  The light hadn't improved much by 08:30 when I left, needing to get into Shoreham, Lancing and if possible Worthing before noon, so photo opportunities were very limited.  On the way back to Shoreham I called in at the Adur as it was low tide.  After numerous visits without seeing a colour-ringed gull there were 7 present (3 Greater Black-backs and 4 Herrings, 3 new, 4 I've previously recorded) amongst 800+ gulls which also included an adult Mediterranean Gull.  Cycling back from Worthing there were 135+ Sanderling on the beach by Widewater.  Not bad for a day that was mainly taken up with chores!

can I claim two cranes?  This image, ExIf will show was taken at 1/15th of a second, would seem to suggest there were two, or would if one was to believe that camera shake doesn't occur at this shutter speed (or maybe that is just for flying gulls)?

Common Crane about to 'jump' a ditch, I was very pleased it hung on to the weekend

an impressive bird even if the light did photography no favours

Greater Black-backed Gull "C", from a Jersey scheme but other identifying ring lost, seen previously on the Adur in  November 2009 (when adult) and October and December 2011

Greater Black-backed Gull JY22.  Ringed as a chick in Vest-Agder, Norway in June 2006 and seen on the Adur in November 2010 and September, October and November 2011
Greater Black-backed Gull JE627.  Another Norwegian bird, ringed as a chick in Vest-Agder in July 2010 and not one I've recorded before
metal ringed Herring Gull, I'm surprised any gulls ringed these days are not given a colour-ring too although maybe it was lost?
Herring Gull 0977, seen on the Adur in July 2012, ringed as an adult a landfill site in Buckinghamshire in January 2004 so it is at least 13 years old
Herring Gull WY4T, a North Thames bird I've not encountered before although I did see WR4T at Shoreham Harbour in February 2012.  This one was ringed as an adult at Rainham Landfill, Essex on 3 November 2012, just two weeks previously.
amongst the legs is Herring Gull SH5T, ringed as a 1CY at Pitsea, Essex in September 2009 and seen on the Adur in  October 2011 and April 2012
Herring Gull 3FA8, a new one for me, ringed as a 2CY at Chouet Landfill, Guernsey on 23 May 2012

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