Thursday 7 May 2015


We had not managed a family holiday with Nessa and Josh (now both in their 20s) for several years but tempted them to join us in western USA, made possible by cheap Air New Zealand flights to Los Angeles.  I was very keen to see Olive Warbler as it is in a family of its own but it was not a birding trip as such.  The Grand Canyon was an obvious draw and we fitted in a few other places too, some birdy and some not.  A few pics follow, more posts will be done when time allows.

Western Gull on the beach near LAX
Las Vegas - not quite as bad as I was expecting but an evening was more than enough for me. 
Vermillion Cliffs - easy to guess what it is a site for

Grand Canyon
Western Bluebird at the Grand Canyon
Monument Valley
Petrified Forest
Rock Wren - it was feeding on the radiator of our first car
ghost town of Fairbank
White-crowned Sparrow at San Pedro House
auto-focus failing badly on Red-faced Warbler in the Santa Catalinas
Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum

Cactus Wren chicks

Bobcat at the Salton Sea
Joshua Tree National Park

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