Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Seaford Pom photos

A combination of work and transport issues meant that I made it to Seaford for just one early May seawatch this year. I only saw 2 Pomarine Skuas although they were two of the best I can remember.  One in particular was harrying a Kittiwake until it disgorged a fish, it then settled on the sea for five minutes before continuing on its way. Thanks to Paul James for a lift over, Andrew Moon for returning me home and Matt Eade for the offer to do likewise. Much appreciated. Evocative photos kindly provided by Andrew Moon, it was not an encounter I will forget in a hurry! Roll on next year when I will hopefully make it more often.
Pom v Kittiwake off Seaford on 7 May. There was only ever going to be one winner (photos: Andrew Moon)

Mediterranean Gulls off Seaford (photo: Andrew Moon)

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