Sunday, 21 October 2018

MADAGASCAR 2018: 04-19 October

I visited Madagascar in August 1995 with John Cooper, Nick Preston and Barry Stidolph. 
It was a very enjoyable trip and one I've always looked back on with fondness (see and/or
Although we did very well, at least against standards at the time, we did not manage to find Scaly Ground Roller and it has been something of an open sore ever since. Nick and I decided to revisit Madagascar in October to do our best to rectify this and hopefully see a few other species we'd missed. We put together a trip giving us 15 days birding in the Southwest and Eastern Highlands and again had a great time, seeing all our realistic targets (we were too early for Sooty Falcon). Several blogs charting the trip will be published in due course when photographs have been sorted. For the time being a set of ground rollers, Madagascar's stand out family, follows:

Scaly Ground Roller at Manatadia (our bird of the trip)
Long-tailed Ground Roller at Mosa's Baobab Forest
Pitta-like Ground Roller at Ranomafana
Rufous-headed Ground Roler at Voihparara
Short-legged Ground Roller at Iaroka

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