Saturday, 23 June 2012

Lidsey and Pagham (23 June 2012)

Sightings on and around Southwick beach while cycling to and from work this week have been a mobile singing Black Redstart on Monday (on grain silo in am) and Tuesday (by gate 3 in am and behind Tarmac/Hanson building in pm) , a pair of Ringed Plover with two chicks Tuesday-Thursday (there were three chicks last week but it seems likely one hasn't survived) and one young Peregrine usually with one adult on the Power Station chimney.  Nothing was seen on Friday although I took an inland route home as it was less windy.

Saturday 23 June I went to Flansham to look for the White Storks. They were not  apparent in the area north of Hoe Farm although another birder told me he'd seen two distantly by the railway line.  I got a reasonable view of all three from where I was directed to but the views were not satisfactory so I walked through the top end of the Bognor golf course, crossed the railway line and took the footpath to Lidsey level crossing.  Here they were resting in the nearest field and gave good but inactive views although the light wasn't ideal.  Also in the area were about 7 Mediterranean Gulls, 4  Reed Buntings and 3 Yellowhammers.

White Storks from near Hoe Farm

much closer, though in worse light from Lidsey crossing

it was better for digiscoping when the sun went in

I went on to the north wall at Pagham Harbour on the very outside chance that the very intermittent Glossy Ibis might be about, although it hadn't been reported there for at least a week.  It was the right idea but wrong timing.  No sign for me between 09:30 and 11:00 but annoyingly it was there at 13:15.  The tide was right put but curlew and Oystercatcher were the only waders seen on the east side of the harbour.  The few gulls seen included an adult Yellow-legged.
poor shot of Yellow-legged Gull at Pagham showing distinctive leg colour, dark mantle and restricted white on the primaries.  If Herring Gull types were always this easy! 

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