Monday, 22 July 2013


 A weekend in Bristol where we saw just over half of the unleashed Gromits.  Some of our favourites follow:
Golden Gromit
Sir Gromit of Bristol

Vincent Van Gromit

Nessa and Dog Rose, simple but we liked it
Isambark Kingdog Brunel, we felt had the best name
Carosello and get well card (following some mindless vandalisation)
me and Bunty, who's got the scarier shadow?
Bunty on her own, one of our favourites
Poetry in motion, another I particularly liked.  Joanna Lumley being the artist was entirely coincidental!
Bark at Ee and admired admirer
Ship shape and Bristol Fashion.  Gromits were understandably very popular and it wasn't always practical to wait to get them to ourselves.
Bristol wasn't all Gromits.  A visit to the Zoo was enjoyable and produced a few interesting birds, Gorilla, Asian Lion & Red Panda.
Victoria Crowned Pigeon, fingers firmly crossed!
Inca Tern, better check the Kittiwakes next time I'm at Seaford
Clifton Suspension Bridge

20-21 July.  Absolutely nothing on A27/M27/A36 other than a few Swifts over Salisbury. Only Swifts seen over Bristol.

15-19 July.  1-2 Peregrines most days, single Ringed Plover 3 times and 15-25 Swifts over our road each evening.

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