Sunday, 28 July 2013

daily meds (Shoreham 22-28 July)

Sunday 28 July.  A stronger SW wind seemed to have brought Sandwich Terns in from the coast with 2 opposite Coronation Green, 2 at Shoreham Yacht Club, 15 in the harbour entrance and 2 on the Adur by the airport although there was probably some duplication.  My daily Mediterranean Gull run continued with and adult and a second-summer on the Adur where there were also two Dunlin.  A walk on the Downs round Truleigh Hill with Megan produced Sparrowhawk, 2 Buzzards, Kestrel, Peregrine, 3 Swift, Sky Larks and 2 Corn Buntings.

Saturday 27 July.  A poor weather forecast (that didn't materialise)  removed any temptation to leave the Shoreham area where my usual circuit produced an adult winter Mediterranean Gull flying west at Shoreham Fort, the Mute Swan pair with 6 large cygnets on Widewater, single Dunlin, Whimbrel and 2 Common Sandpipers on the Adur and 20+ Swifts over the house before the heavy rain started.  Mediterranean Gulls are very silent at this time of year, compared to the spring, although perhaps I'm no longer hearing them?  They are not so obviously paired either which suggests to me that they pair up each year before reaching their breeding areas.
Whimbrel on the Adur - at last a few waders are on the move
this one soon flew off south calling
Friday 26 July.  On the way home from work I saw one of the Peregrines on the Power Station chimney and an adult Common Gull on Southwick Beach.  After tea I did a circuit of the Adur seeing 7 Oystercatchers and 2 Mediterranean Gulls from Coronation Green and a juvenile Mediterranean and colour-ringed Greater Black-backed Gull on the Adur where 25-30 Swallows were hunting low over the river.  35 Swifts were screaming over our road at dusk.
Greater Black-backed Gull LAP7 on the Adur
a Cornish bird, ringed as a pullus on Looe Island in June 2011
juvenile Mediterranean Gull on the Adur in fading light
Thursday 25 July.  On the way home from work I saw both of the Peregrines on the Power Station chimney, two adult Mediterranean Gull and a Sandwich Tern on Southwick Beach.  15+ Swifts over our road in the evening.

Wednesday 24 July.  On the way to work I saw one of the Peregrines on the Power Station chimney.  I left at lunchtime for an afternoon visit to Worthing Hospital where my sudden hearing loss in one ear is diagnosed as most likely being permanent.  My good ear still hears well but I can no longer tell where sounds are coming from which doesn't help when birding.  A forthcoming birding trip and my not knowing where an ambulance was when I heard its siren while cycling over for my appointment were convincing arguments that it was urgent and they very kindly managed to squeeze in a hearing aid fitting for me next week.  On the way back a second summer Mediterranean Gull was roosting at Widewater, where the Mute Swan family were still in residence.  On the Adur Saltings a further 8 Mediterranean Gulls were roosting (a first-summer, two second-summers and five adults) with 5 Lapwing and 7 Redshank.  A later trip down to the Adur, primarily to try out a cheap light tripod, added nothing further.

trying out a new tripod, not overly stable but seemed to be OK
Tuesday 23 July.  On the way home from work I saw one of the Peregrines on the Power Station chimney and three Ringed Plovers and 41 Mediterranean Gulls on Southwick Beach (it was low tide). All the Meds were opposite the fenced area where they were the commonest gull.  They included one juvenile, three fist-summers and two second summers).  10+ Swifts over our road in the evening.

Monday 22 July.  On the way home from work I saw one of the Peregrines on the Power Station chimney.  Lots of flying ants over Shoreham were attracting mainly Herring Gulls but while getting my bike out to visit our allotment an adult Mediterranean flew over (a 'garden' first).  While watering another four adult Meds flew over and a ten minute sky-watch when back home added another two while 14 Herring Gulls were feeding on ants that had landed in our road and on the pavement.  20+ Swifts over our road in the evening.

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