Sunday, 7 July 2013

Shoreham (1-7 July 2013)

Sunday 7 July.  Shoreham Fort and the Adur again.  Somewhat better than yesterday with 2 adult Mediterranean Gulls east and one around the harbour, 5 Gannets off-shore and 4 Sandwich Terns east, 2 distant Peregrines on the Power Station chimney and 2 Ringed Plover on the beach.  A selection of large gulls breeding on the Howard Kent roof by the Lifeboat Station and 3 Little Egrets and 27 Mute Swans on the Adur.  A walk around Rackham with Megan was somewhat hampered by still being deaf in one ear making it hard to tell which direction bird calls were coming from.  Despite this I managed to see Great Spotted Woodpecker, Chiffchaff, 3 Goldcrests and a Treecreeper.

Mediterranean Gull on the beach north of Shoreham Fort
and doze
I might be seeing Med Gulls much more frequently this year than previously although I'm getting just as much pleasure from doing so.
on the sea in the entrance to Shoreham Harbour
Herring and Lesser Black-backed Gulls on Howard Kent roof
Greater and Lesser Black-backed Gulls 

Saturday 6 July.  I added Widewater to my more usual circuit of Shoreham Fort and the Adur but as expected everywhere was quiet.  At the Fort 3 Gannets and 2 Sandwich Terns flew east and a Rock Pipit was heard.  The pair of Mute Swans with six cygnets were still on Widewater and nothing was seen on the Adur.  A few Swifts were seen at the Fort and over our house.

Friday 5 July.  The female and two juvenile Peregrines on the Power Station chimney and 2 Swifts over the house.

Thursday 4 July.  A Swift over the house.  A dredger was going through the lock-gates when I was going to work so I stayed on the A259 and did not pass the Power Station nest box.  No sign of any Peregrines on/by it on the way home.

Wednesday 3 July.  The female and two juvenile Peregrines on the Power Station chimney, a Ringed Plover on Southwick Beach (but a deserted nest, I didn't think it would last long)  and 12 Swifts over the house.

Tuesday 2 July.  The female and two juvenile Peregrines on the Power Station chimney, two Ringed Plovers on Southwick Beach and 9 Swifts over the house.  One of the Ringed Plovers was on a nest with two eggs in it.  It was close to where a pair nested last month.  Their three chicks were only seen a couple of days after hatching and I fear that they were taken by a predator (dog/fox/gull/crow - it is a dangerous place).  This is most likely the parents trying again although they've chosen a rather precarious place to do so.

Monday 1 July.  A juvenile Peregrine on the Power Station nest box and 20 Swifts over the house.  The local crow has been at our eggs again, smashing the box left by the milkman to get at one.

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