Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 Highlights - abroad

Arabian Bustard on the drive to Awash National Park, Ethiopia in February.  One of the birds I most hoped to see on the trip.  It did not disappoint and we went on to see another six.

Spot-breasted Plovers on the Sanetti Plateau, Ethiopia.  A fine endemic restricted to the higher plains.

Ruspoli's Turaco near Negele, Ethiopia.  My top target and bird of the trip.  We saw them twice including a pair (of which this is one) that gave excellent views early one morning.

Somali Wheatear near Bogol Mayo, Ethiopia.  Well worth the effort of getting to the site near the Somali border and sleeping on the 'porch' of the village 'hall'.

Stresemann's Bush Crow near Yabello, southern Ethiopia.  In the event we didn't need to go as far south as Mega.  Something of a disappointment as I'd hoped to write Stresemann's Bush Crow, a mega at Mega in my notebook.

Somali Courser near Yabello, southern Ethiopia.  Brilliant birds.

Mikado Pheasant at Anmashan, Taiwan in April.  One of the most sought after endemics, we saw just this fine male.

Malaysian night Heron, active during the day at Huisin, Taiwan

Fairy Pitta at Huben, Taiwan on 3 May.  They were 10 days late arriving and this was the first bird to be seen at Huben this year. Having missed the species in China in May 2010 by being just too early (they were late arriving then too) we added a contingency day to the end of the trip.  Just as well we did as we saw the pitta on our last morning.

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