Monday, 17 May 1982

30 years ago: 17 May 1982, Langtang Trek day 1, Kathmandu to Manigaon

Monday 17th May 1982:  Kathmandu to Trisuli and walk to Manigaon (8 miles)
Dave, Nick and I got a taxi to the bus station.  The bus left Kathmandu (4500 ft) at 07:00 but it was a very slow journey taking 5 hours to get to Trisuli (1800 ft).  The bus was very crowded at times and very hot once we dropped out of the Kathmandu Valley.  We left Trisuli at 13:00 and walked up to Manigaon (4000 ft), arriving at 18:30, just as it was starting to get dark.  It was a tiring walk and my bag seems far too heavy, as usual!  I’m glad to get back up to a semi-moderate altitude after the heat of Trisuli, although we are still lower than Kathmandu.  It is good to be trekking and birding with others again, not that we’ve seen much yet.  I didn’t record where we stayed or anything about the lodge, perhaps being with the others is too much of a distraction?

Birds seen:  Cattle Egret 2, Egyptian Vulture 1, Kestrel 2, Red-wattled Lapwing 1, Little Swift 10, Common Kingfisher 1, Chestnut-headed Bee-eater 1, Red-rumped Swallow 10, Red-vented Bulbul 2, Magpie Robin 5, Stonechat 2, Pied Stonechat 20, Blue-headed Rock Thrush 1, Grey-breasted Prinia 1, Grey-headed Flycatcher 2, Purple Sunbird 1, Long-tailed Shrike 2, Black Drongo 5, Spot-winged Starling 3, Common Myna 20, Jungle Myna 2, House Sparrow 10, Tree Sparrow 20, Crested Bunting 2.

view looking back towards Betrawathi from south of Manigaon

near Manigaon

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