Thursday, 6 May 1982

30 years ago: 5-6 May 1982, Everest Trek days 16-17, Kirantichhap to Kathmandu

Wednesday 5th May 1982:  Kirantichhap to Lamosangu
I was up soon after 05:00 in the hope of an early bus but had to wait, having numerous teas and biscuits, until 13:40 for the first vehicle to arrive, a truck, and Tamding was on it!  I started off in the back, crammed in like cattle and just being able to see through the slats.  After an hour I climbed onto the top of the cab, more like riding shotgun.  Precarious hanging on but it was not too hot and journey not too rough with excellent views, although few birds were seen/identified.  I stayed on top until Lamosangu (2400 ft), arriving at 18:40.  It is now really sweaty at lower altitude, and so much for hoping to get to Kathmandu today.  Ironic to be wasting so much time considering how quickly I’d walked out from Namche.  In fact if i'd known how long I would have to wait in Kirantichhap I would probably have walked on to Lamosangu, and arrived there a bit sooner.  The lodge in Lamosangu wasn’t special, very hot, but I got alou, boiled eggs etc.  I went for a short walk around town before retiring and slept really well despite the heat.

Birds recorded:  Little Egret 20, Black Kite 4, Kestrel 1, Black Francolin h, Spotted Dove 15, Rufous Turtle Dove 2, Indian Cuckoo 1, Common Cuckoo 1, Common Koel h, Himalayan Swiftlet 8, White-throated Needletail 5, Fork-tailed Swift 10, Alpine Swift 1, Little Swift 10, Great Barbet 1, Blue-throated Barbet 2, Swallow 20, Red-rumped Swallow 10, Nepal House Martin 5, Grey Wagtail 8, White-cheeked Bulbul 6, Magpie Robin 1, Plumbeous Redstart 2, Stonechat 10, Pied Stonechat 2, River Chat 1, Striated Prinia h, Verditer Flycatcher 2, Green-backed Tit 2, Black-lored Tit 2, Long-tailed Shrike 1, Black Drongo 5, Indian House Crow 10, Large-billed Crow 5, Chestnut-tailed Starling 2, Common Myna 30, Tree Sparrow 20, Crested Bunting 3.

Lodge view from Kirantichhap, where it seemed that 'hanging around' was an artform 

my ride approaches

Thursday 6th May 1982:  Lamosangu to Kathmandu
I was up at 05:00 for the 06:00 bus.  The bus got to Kathmandu at 10:45 after a 20 minute delay for a flat tyre.  It was very slow and ultra uncomfortable on the knees.  I’m getting pretty tired of bus journeys and am thinking of flying to Delhi when the time comes to leave Nepal.  It took 36 minutes to fly from Kathmandu to Lukla, it has taken the best part of a week walking and by truck/bus to get back.  Back to the same old lodge (Tourist Cottage), room 12 this time which was OK.  Colin, Dave and Nick aren’t back yet.  I ate a lot including 250g of yak cheese (15 rupees worth).  I collected 4 letters from the Post Office and read a book.  In 17 days on Everest Trek I walked an estimated 133 miles and saw 167 species (hearing 5 more).  Not a lot compared to Jomson (240 species, but 220 miles and 28 days) but brilliant scenery and very pleased to have done it.

Birds seen:  Cattle Egret 5, Little Egret 20, Spotted Dove 10, White-breasted Kingfisher 2, Swallow 50, Red-rumped Swallow 10, Scarlet Minivet 1, White-cheeked Bulbul 6, Stonechat 5, Pied Stonechat 1, Long-tailed Shrike 2, Black Drongo 5, Indian House Crow 30, Large-billed Crow 2, *Spot-winged Starling 2, Common Myna 30, Jungle Myna 2, Tree Sparrow 50.

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