Saturday, 22 May 1982

30 years ago: 22 May 1982, Langtang Trek day 6, Lama Lodge to Ghora Tabela

Saturday 22nd May 1982:  Lama Lodge to Ghora Tabela (4 miles)
An easy day slowly walking up to Ghora Tabela (9500 ft) through excellent forest, especially after River Lodge.  The latter part was reminiscent of Kalopani on the Jomson Trek.  An inquisitive old Nepali took an interest in my slit-toed plimsolls while I was repacking my bag by the trail.  As my shoes were holding up well the plimsolls were hopefully going to be of little use to me so I gave them to him.  He seemed well pleased despite my pointing out their slit toes.  It rained from 14:00 and once in the lodge - another that didn’t warrant a mention in my diary - at 15:00 I stayed in reading and writing bits of letters.  I saw a Scaly-breasted Wren Babbler which on range was most likely the as-then-undescribed Nepal Wren Babbler - full credit to those that originally recognised it for what it was, especially in an area where vocalisations are so hard to hear against the backdrop of a raging river.

Birds recorded:  Large Hawk Cuckoo h, Little Cuckoo h, Himalayan Swiftlet 10, Rosy Pipit 1, Long-tailed Minivet 1, Brown Dipper 4, Indian Blue Robin 1, Plumbeous Redstart 6, River Chat 4, Blue Whistling Thrush 6, Golden-spectacled Warbler 4, Blyth’s Crowned Leaf Warbler 10, Greenish Warbler 1, Large-billed Leaf Warbler 2, Ashy-throated Leaf Warbler 3, Lemon-rumped Warbler 2, Beautiful Niltava 2, Slaty-blue Flycatcher 6, Rufous-gorgetted Flycatcher 4, Grey-headed Flycatcher 2, Yellow-bellied Fantail 3, Scaly-breasted/Nepal Wren Babbler 1, Green Shrike Babbler 1, Chestnut-tailed Minla 1, Black-capped Sibia 10, Stripe-throated Yuhina 2, Rufous-vented Yuhina 8, Rufous-fronted Tit 2, Grey-crested Tit 2, Black-crested Tit 2, Green-backed Tit 2, Green-tailed Sunbird 10, Large-billed Crow 4.

looking back south from above River Lodge

Nick, me and Dave taking a break on the way to Ghora Tabela.  Footwear holding out but my cheap umbrella turned out to be a false economy.  It lasted the trip, just, but both Nick and Dave resold theirs before we came home, for almost as much as they'd originally paid for them.

looking north from Ghora Tabela

near Ghora Tabela

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