Tuesday, 18 May 1982

30 years ago: 18 May 1982, Langtang Trek day 2, Manigaon to Dunche

Tuesday 18th May 1982:  Manigaon to Dhunche (9 miles), Langtang Trek day 2
We were up soon after 05:30.  I hadn’t slept too well, my bed was very short and I woke feeling cold!  I had an omelette for breakfast before leaving.  We walked to Dhunche reasonably slowly and with many stops.  It was not as hot as yesterday but still very warm in places.  My umbrella was useful as it rained from 16:00 to 17:00.  A 60 rupee entrance fee to the National Park at Ramche (5800 ft) was an unpleasant surprise, although seeing a very nice male Pied Ground Thrush after Bokhajunda (6200 ft) made it seem very worthwhile.  We stayed in the Mountain View Lodge at Dhunche (6400 ft).  This was excellent with good food - potatoes (boiled and fried) and tomatoes with daal baht!  I slept well, the first time in a sleeping bag for a while.

Birds recorded:  Lammergeyer 1, Egyptian Vulture 1, Crested Serpent Eagle 2, Black Francolin h, Spotted Dove 15, Cuckoo 3, Little Cuckoo h, Fork-tailed Swift 4, Little Swift 20, Chestnut-headed Bee-eater 1, Great Barbet h, Blue-throated Barbet h, Red-rumped Swallow 5, Nepal House Martin 3, Upland Pipit 2, Black-winged Cuckoo Shrike 1, Long-tailed Minivet 2, Orange-bellied Leafbird 2, Red-vented Bulbul 2, White-cheeked Bulbul 6, Black Bulbul 8, Magpie Robin 4, Plumbeous Redstart 8, Pied Stonechat 2, Blue-headed Rock Thrush 3, Blue Whistling Thrush 2, Pied Ground Thrush 1 male, Grey-winged Blackbird 1, Little Forktail 3, Striated Prinia 2, Verditer Flycatcher 2, Black-capped Sibia 8, Whiskered Yuhina 1, Green-backed Tit 2, White-tailed Nuthatch 1, Fire-breasted Flowerpecker 2, Long-tailed Shrike 1, Black Drongo 4, Nutcracker 2, Large-billed Crow 1, Common Myna 10, Tree Sparrow 5, Crested Bunting 1.

Little Forktails on the way to Ramche, one of my favourites of a really brilliant family tha tI never managed to get a decent shot of

male Crested Bunting 

Blue-headed Rock Thrush, a summer visitor to the Himalayan foothills

Young girl in Ramche enjoying having her hair combed about as much as I did

Ramche locals

taking a break

flowers north of Ramche

view south of Dunche

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