Tuesday, 25 May 1982

30 years ago: 25 May 1982, Langtang Trek day 9, Kyangjin

Tuesday 25th May 1982:  Kyangjin and hill opposite (7 miles)
After a long wait for breakfast I headed down to Nick’s female White-bellied Redstart site and soon saw it.  Buoyed by this success I decided to try for Dave’s Snow Partridges too and headed into the forest opposite Kyangjin where I saw 4 Blood Pheasants before climbing high onto the hills above.  Here I searched in vain for Snow Partridges for several hours without success.  Either Dave had sdone a very successful job of scaring them all off, or he’d given me duff directions (or I’d misinterpreted them) or I was too late in the day.  By the end I’d’ve been quite happy to have seen just one or two but it was not to be.  On the way back I saw a superb Long-tailed Mountain Thrush singing a very quiet mournful song which was some consolation.  I got back to the lodge at 15:30 feeling really tired and hungry and didn’t go out again.  James Wolstencroft had caught up with us again which was good value.  He had a short-wave radio - not much happening in South Atlantic much to Nick’s relief (as his brother was there).

Birds seen:  Lammergeyer 1, Sparrowhawk 1, Blood Pheasant 4, Ibisbill 2, Snow Pigeon 1, Cuckoo 1, Olive-backed Pipit 10, Rosy Pipit 15, Wren 2, Rufous-breasted Accentor 15, Red-flanked Bluetail 1, Golden Bush Robin 2, Blue-fronted Redstart 8, *White-bellied Redstart 1 female, River Chat 4, Blue Whistling Thrush 2, Long-tailed Mountain Thrush 1 singing, Greenish Warbler 2, Orange-barred Leaf Warbler 2, Tickell’s Warbler 4, Variegated Laughingthrush 1, Coal Tit 1, Alpine Chough 6, Chough 4, Large-billed Crow 2.

view west from Kyangjin

flowers opposite Kyangjin

Blood Pheasant opposite Kyangjin

climbing above Kyangjin

looking down on Kyangjin village and across to Kyangjin glacier

Langtang Lirjung from opposite Kyangjin

looking north to the head of the Langtang Valley

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