Thursday, 24 February 2011

ETHIOPIA 24 February 2011: South of Yabello

Thursday 24 February. We drove south to the plains just past Dubuluk arriving just after dawn where highlights included 4 Coqui Francolins, 2 Caspian Plovers, 6 Orange-bellied Parrots, Stresemann’s Bush Crows, White-tailed Swallow, 7 Foxy and 5 Short-tailed Larks. Disappointingly this was as far south as we went, not visiting the magically named Mega - not in fairness that there was really any reason too, although it would have been nice to write in one’s notebook! Instead we returned to Dubuluk for breakfast – a big disappointment from the usual breakfast in the field I was expecting. We then slowly made our way back to Yabello with frequent, sometimes prolonged stops, the final one at dusk for Donaldson-Smith’s Nightjars with one heard and seen in silhouette. Another night in the Yabello Motel. Birds seen included 3 Somali Courses, Pearl-spotted Owlet, 3 D’Arnaud’s Barbets, Grey-headed Batis, Three-streaked Tchagra, 8 Slate-coloured Boubous, 2 Taita Fiscals, 10 Stresemann’s Bush Crows, 3 Tiny Cisticolas, 2 Banded Parisomas, 3 Bare-eyed Thrushes, 12 White-browed Scrub-Robins, 60 Grey-capped Social-Weavers, 2 Green-winged Pytilia, 10 Purple Grenadiers and 3 Somali Golden-breasted Buntings.

Short-tailed Lark in early morning light, Dubuluk Plains

Termite mounds on the Dubuluk Plains

Foxy Lark


Black-headed Social-Weaver

Hunter's Sunbird

Dubuluk Plains

Stresemann's Bush Crows

Orange-bellied Parrot

Rosy-patched Shrike

Stone Elephant, south of Yabello

View from Stone Elephant

Long-billed Pipit

Tawny Eagle

White Helmet-Shrike

Purple Grenadiers

Black-cheeked Waxbill

Yellow-throated Sparrow

Somali Courser

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