Wednesday, 17 March 1982

30 years ago: 17 March 1982, Jomson Trek day 14, Muktinath to Jomson

Wednesday 17th March 1982: Muktinath to Jomson (12 miles)

Breakfast took ages to arrive but as the weather was still bad we didn't feel as if we were missing a lot.  It was not practical to venture onto the Thorong Pass as the trail was hidden under snow so we decided to head back down to Jomson, leaving just before 10.00. The part to Jharkot was not too bad with the sun breaking through occasionally but after a few hours the snow got progressively heavier with conditions approaching a blizzard.  We returned via Kagbeni chasing a rumour that Richard Grimmett et al might be there but they weren’t. We arrived at Jomson (8900 ft) absolutely soaked. The Alaka Hotel was full of German trekkers and had a pathetic fire making it hard to dry things out - so much for our environmental credentials.

Birds seen: Himalayan Griffon Vulture 2, Ruddy Shelduck 5, Rock Dove 20, Chukar 20, Brown Accentor 10, White-throated Redstart 2, Stoliczka’s Tit Warbler 3, Variegated Laughingthrush 2, Wallcreeper 2, Chough 200, Large-billed Crow 1, Tree Sparrow 20, Hodgson’s Mountain Finch 1000, Beautiful Rosefinch 2, Eastern Great Rosefinch 3, White-winged Grosbeak 2, Rock Bunting 4.

descent from Muktinath to Jharkot, weather poor

descent from Jharkot to Kagbeni, weather improving

following the Thak Khola from Kagbeni to Jomson, the improvement in the weather didn't last

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